Cosmetics and Eye Safety

For millions of women around the world, wearing makeup is a natural part of their daily routine. Many women consider makeup an essential for personal care and beauty yet are unaware of the potential eye problems that it can create.

The purpose of makeup is to help make a woman look fresher and radiant. However, makeup can also cause infections, allergic reactions, even injury to the eye which is contrary to it’s intended goal. These eye problems range from minor irritations, including tearing and watering of the eyes to vision loss.

Typically. the problems created by the use of makeup are easily avoidable. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Keep Makeup Clean – Always tighten lids and caps to prevent a breeding ground of bacteria. Discard makeup if it falls to the floor to prevent debris from entering the eyelids and lashes.
  • Never Share Makeup – This seemingly friendly gesture can lead to unfamiliar germs. Also, only use “tester” products if they have “single-use” applicators such as sample sticks or cotton swabs.
  • Be Still When Applying Makeup – Do not apply makeup in a moving vehicle, even as a passenger. In a sudden stop, there is a strong possibility that mascara or an eye pencil could go into the eye creating a corneal abrasion of worse, loss of vision.
  • Discard Expired Products – To avoid the spread of bacteria, consistently update cosmetic products. 

If used properly, eye makeup can enhance and accentuate personal appearance. However, safe application and proper maintenance is essential to keep eyes healthy.

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