Thank you for taking such excellent care of me during my LASIK procedure. You and your staff are terrific – professional, caring, and considerate.

Linda Curtiss

My wife and I are truly grateful for your help. We both enjoy perfect vision now and have you to thank. As a physician, I can appreciate good bedside manner and your sincerity was palpable. Elective surgery can be a difficult decision but you were able to articulate the risks and benefits to ease our anxiety. We are even more pleased with the results; not only do we not have any complaints, but we remain in awe at our amazing visual acuity. I would not hesitate to refer my patients to you for LASIK.

Jasper Ip, M.D.

I contemplated having LASIK for several years. I knew many people, both family and friends that had it done. I still couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was afraid and skeptical, what if something went wrong?

One day a friend told me I needed to do something “just for me”. So I called Dr. Paveloff’s office and made an appointment for a consultation. After talking with Dr. Paveloff and his staff I was convinced that this was for me. I was told I was a good candidate and that both my nearsightedness and astigmatism could be corrected.
I could kick myself for waiting so long! Why hadn’t I called sooner? It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. My results are superb, 20/20

Ann Burtsfield

After observing multiple eye surgeons as an anesthesiologist, I knew that Dr. Paveloff would be the right choice for me. He and his staff, particularly Bea, treat each patient in an efficient yet personal and caring manner. From comfortable eye protection glasses and convenient accessory supply bag to the luxury reclining post-op chair and the Buddy the Bear LASIK pal, Dr. Paveloff ensures that safety and comfort are a priority Prior to LASIK, I wore glasses for 8 years and struggled with vision limitations in my outdoor sports. Now, just 12 hours after my surgery, I have 20/20 vision. If you are considering LASIK and you’ve chosen the Paveloff Vision Center, you are in competent and gentle hands.

Olita Layton, M.D.

Thank you for giving my sight back. All my life, including my childhood, I wore glasses and without them I was blind as a bat. It was when I went to pet my cat recently without my glasses and realized they were a pair of socks that I decided to fix my vision once and for all. Thank you for making the LASIK surgery quick and at ease. I have already recommended you to my family.

Roxanna Bina

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Paveloff for LASIK. His staff is excellent because they are attentive and professional during the screening process for the procedure, the procedure itself and the post-procedure time. And all is done in a relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Paveloff is an excellent surgeon who is very easy to talk to. He explains everything and will always make sure you are comfortable and taken care of before, during, and after the procedure. In addition, he called me later in the day to make sure I was okay. I now have 20 x 15 vision instead of 20 x 350. It is incredible!

Alain Dussert

As an operating room RN witnessing Dr. Paveloff’s skill level and his doctor/patient communication effectiveness, caused me to set aside all previous hesitation to have LASIK. The pre/post op surgical consultation far exceeded my expectation. My only regret is that I waited so long to have this done!

Tony Tauchman

I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Paveloff, the way the procedure went, and the outcome of the surgery. He was, by far, the most competent and friendly of the 4 eye surgeons I consulted with – hands down! I have already recommended him to my friends. In fact, several of them had LASIK done by Dr. Paveloff and are just as pleased as I am.

David Fishman

Dr. Paveloff and his staff are exceptional. After my first appointment with Dr. Paveloff I knew he was the only doctor I wanted doing my LASIK procedure. He makes his patients feel at ease and takes the time to walk you through the procedure. I can’t begin to thank Dr. Paveloff enough for my incredible vision. I would recommend Dr. Paveloff to anyone considering LASIK.

Bonnie White

My LASIK procedure was a wonderful experience … very quick and painless. My vision is great and I am very pleased. I chose to have mono-vision, one eye slightly under corrected because I wanted to avoid reading glasses. I can still see up close and my distance vision is good. I can swim and don’t have to worry about my contacts anymore.

Jody Horton

I was anxious about having LASIK but I was very tired of wearing glasses. Dr. Paveloff’s calm, reassuring explanation eased my fears and I was actually excited about having the procedure. It was easier and quicker than I’d expected and waking up and being able to see is amazing. People tell me I look younger (that’s always nice). It’s liberating not to wear glasses. Confidence in Dr. Paveloff was the key. His concern and professionalism were first rate. I feel fortunate to be his patient.

Janet Pedersen

We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of our LASIK surgery. I only wish I had done it sooner. Within two minutes after surgery, when I could see the clock on the wall at a distance, I knew we’d made the right decision to trust Dr. Paveloff. My husband felt exactly the same way. That’s right; we had the procedure done the same day, back-to-back! Dr. Paveloff and his well-trained staff are professional, caring and enthusiastic. They do just what they say they will do… walk you through the procedure and explain everything very well.

Denise & Ed McLaughlin

I am 22 years old and was finally able to have LASIK this past Spring. I had contacted a few other practices but none of them gave me the confidence that Dr. Paveloff’s office did. Throughout everything, the entire staff was wonderful. There were even times when they scheduled late appointments to accommodate my schedule. I am extremely happy with my new vision.

Lacey Robinson

I feel like I can see like a kid again in my twenties!

Virginia Ramirez

I am so happy with my new vision! It’s such a pleasure to be able to see. Having worn glasses since the age of five, this was such a blessing. The actual surgery was so simple and no side effects! I would recommend them highly and do it over again in a heartbeat.

Beverly Husted

I can’t begin to tell you how much this surgery has affected my life. I’m an avid surfer and have always been plagued with contact problems in the water. I can think of countless days when I had to end my session due to lack of sight. Falling asleep on the couch without contacts has never been so great and more importantly I feel so much more free to do whatever I want. I have been raving about your services since I got my new vision!

Eran Levy

Dr. Paveloff and his staff were very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. What struck me the most was Dr. Paveloff’s integrity and complete honesty during our discussion about LASIK alternatives. His suggestion to treat my weaker eye as opposed to simply correcting vision in both eyes demonstrated his priority to provide high quality and exceptional care.

Maria Valencia

My experience with LASIK has been more than I expected. I expected 20/20 vision and received 20/10 vision! It really is a blessing to be able to see so well. Prior to the surgery I could not see clearly past my own arm’s length so this is amazing for me. It was truly an investment and money well spent!

Jen Santos

The thought of losing my ability to see is one of the most frightening things I can think of. I didn’t realize how diminished my sight was becoming. It had been such a gradual acceptance.

I am so grateful to you for what you have done for me in restoring my sight. What you do seems miraculous and mysterious in my ignorance. I can only say thank you for your incredible skill and thanks to the Powers That Be for calling you into this profession.

Meredith Abbott

I’m very happy with my LASIK procedure and the results are a miracle. I don’t need glasses and I can see clearly.

Eva Hruzou

LASIK with Dr. Paveloff is clearly one of the greatest things I have done for myself. I now see details in the scenery around me that I did not know was there.

I also read the small print projected in slideshows at work that other s can’t. I get jokes from co-workers quipping, “That’s just Geoff with his new eyes!”

Geoff Deane

For 17 years I wore monovision contacts for farsightedness. At the age of 66 my eyes did not create enough tears and the contacts irritated my eyes. I resorted to eye glasses but could not get used to them. I was referred to Dr. Paveloff by my hairdresser and after the free consultation learned that I could have monovision LASIK. I now have more clarity in my vision than I had with contacts because Dr. Paveloff not only corrected my vision but my astigmatism m as well. It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning and be able to see without glasses. I highly recommend LASIK and put full trust in Dr. Paveloff.

Sharon Zrelak

The staff of Dr. Paveloff is always so nice; they really take good care of you. I have recommended Dr. Paveloff each time someone notices that I don’t wear glasses anymore.

Evalee Treen

From the time I stepped into the office until the time I went home after surgery, it was one of the easiest medical procedures I have ever had. Thanks to the staff and Dr. Paveloff, my new vision is better than ever.

Jamie Allen

The LASIK procedure has been an important decision for me and has been a positive and exciting life changing decision. For the first time in years I can see clearly and can exercise, bike ride and drive without wearing glasses. My experience with Paveloff Vision Center has been excellent and the staff has been great.

Jon Green

I am so impressed by the staff in this office. They are kind, courteous and efficient. As LASIK Coordinator, Bea Feldmann is top-notch. Coming from a health professional and critic, I have only positive and honestly truthful things to say about my entire experience. Dr. Paveloff is the real thing! His actions and behavior back up his claims and his words. I felt so prepared and comfortable during my surgery as he talked me through the entire procedure.

Lana Sherwin

Thank you for the miracle of vision! I was treated very professionally and sincerely and wanted to express my gratitude to you all.


I had worn glasses since the fifth grade and the LASIK procedure has changed my life. Having LASIK was one of the best decisions I have ever made as I’m more confident in everything that I do. I will always remember the excellent care of both Dr. Paveloff and his staff. Thanks again for improving my life.

Peter Dal Bello

It is so amazing! I feel like I have more freedom than I had before. To be able to go to bed and look outside my window and see the stars billions of miles away is truly the most unbelievable and wonderful thing I could ever imagine. Thank you for giving me the sight I was meant to have.

Rachel Elliott-Cannon

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for the wonderful care you showed my father. As you can imagine, this vision loss has been difficult and an emotional time for him and you really made a difference. He was feeling rushed and pushed aside by his other physicians and I knew your office would be different, so thank you.

Anna Prober

LASIK has definitely changed my way of life. Spending a lot of time behind a computer triggered the decision to proceed with the surgery. I no longer have the itchy or bothersome sensations contacts gave me when they dried out. I am very active and love to play sports so glasses were really not an option. I have much better vision now during the day and night that I did with contacts. The price was kind of steep; however, you can’t put a price tag on your health. LASIK has allowed me to live a more efficient and healthier life. Much thanks to Dr. Paveloff and staff for contributing to my now stellar eyesight.

Marc Karamaoogian

Thank you for opening up the colors and shapes of the world to me.

Laurel Phillips

The decision to have LASIK is as difficult as it is personal. Dr. Paveloff and his staff made my choice simple after just one preliminary meeting. The teamwork was seamless and the end result was flawless. So flawless in fact that I finally felt comfortable enough to learn how to surf and not worry about my eyes. I am working, traveling, and going about my daily routines without stinging or dry eyes. I am glad I decided to have LASIK in my early twenties and can enjoy perfect vision now rather than later. I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Paveloff to my closest friends and of course my family. Thanks Dr. Paveloff.

Michelle Doherty

One hour after surgery I could see better than I have ever remembered. On the way home that day, I remember seeing the oil derricks far out in the Santa Barbara Islands. It’s amazing to be able to see that far without the aid of glasses or contact lenses. Thank you Dr. Paveloff and your wonderful staff.

Phil Avina

I now see in HD 1080!

Larry Aguilar

As the daughter of an eye surgeon, I had high expectations for my ophthalmologist. Dr. Paveloff has made my father and me very happy with his care and attentiveness. I highly recommend him.

Hannah Braunstein

I felt at ease and cared for. The results are amazing … can’t believe it took me this long to decide to have LASIK. Truly a miraculous experience.

Dre Cravitz

In my line for work glasses or contacts are nearly impossible to wear. I am very pleased with the result of my LASIK procedure. I have and will continue to recommend Paveloff Vision Center to my friends. Just one week after my surgery, I was able to travel across the country and compete at the U.S. National Championship Arabian Horse Show, bringing home a Reserve National Championship. Thank you!

Ali Brady

I had been considering LASIK for about 8 years. I had even consulted with a LASIK surgeon in another area but & “chickened out”. When the time came and I thought seriously about LASIK again I chose Dr. Paveloff. What a great decision! I love my new eyes.

Adam Waskewics

I’m so happy that I decided to get LASIK surgery. I remember a few days after my procedure I told my husband everything is so bright and colorful. I hated wearing glasses so I lived with my blurry eye sight for years. I tried numerous different contact lenses but my eyes would be so red and irritated I knew I had to do something about it. My experience has been amazing! Dr. Paveloff and his staff make you feel very comfortable and are very knowledgeable. The procedure was quick and pain-free. I highly recommend Dr. Paveloff and his wonderful staff.

Giana Miller

I can’t thank Dr. Paveloff enough for my incredible vision! His care and professionalism convinced me that he is the right doctor for me. He was easy to talk to and he took the time to fully explain the procedure. Even during the procedure he talked to me the entire time explaining what he was doing, which was very reassuring! Dr. Paveloff has wonderful bedside manners and his team is excellent as well. I couldn’t be happier with the quick and painless procedure and the wonderful results of LASIK! Thank you very much Dr. Paveloff and your team!

Kristine Olshansky

I am so happy I chose Dr. Paveloff to perform my LASIK. After my initial consultation I was hooked and I really didn’t want to wait any longer. Dr. Paveloff coached me through the procedure, he really is a great and comforting doctor. I am so excited. I can see the alarm clock and can enjoy swimming and running – everything is so much easier! I just wish I had done it sooner. But, like most things in life timing is everything and the time was right for me. Everything is excellent, the staff, the financing plans, everything!!

Nadine Fuhrmann

I would like to thank Dr. Paveloff for my LASIK earlier this year. I was very anxious about the procedure but he really helped me to feel better about the whole experience because of his explanation prior to the surgery and his care during and after the surgery. He carefully answered all of my questions prior to the surgery so that I understood the process. I was very nervous during the procedure but Dr. Paveloff really calmed me down during the surgery through comforting words and actions. I am so amazed that I can see without contact lenses! I am very happy with the results and have recommended Dr. Paveloff to many others.

Sylvia Perez

Multifocal & Cataract Testimonials

I have never been able to see someone’s face from 10 ft away without glasses since I was born, I’m 59 now and developed cataracts at 50, but waited all these years out of surgery-fear…but I couldn’t see with glasses anymore…4 months ago that all changed…I live in Santa Ynez and now I can look at any mountain and count the trees on the ridge line..WITHOUT GLASSES!

Fun fact: I’m an actor & was in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

Dr. Paveloff and your whole team, I love you.

John Corbett

The Cataract and PanOptix lens surgery that Dr. Paveloff performed on me was nothing short of a miracle. The procedure was quick, painless and required little aftercare. I went from wearing contacts and reading glasses every day to needing no vision aids whatsoever. The world is clear and bright again and I am thrilled.

Diane S.

Dr Paveloff did something for me that I did not think was possible due to my significant astigmatism…he performed cataract surgery using a laser and implanted toric lenses that allowed me to see the clock next to the bed the very next morning without having to put my glasses on! He was extremely responsive during the entire procedure to any anticipated discomfort so I felt little pain.  The office staff have a thorough system in place in response to COVID precautions so I always felt safe.  I could not be happier with the whole process from the in-depth initial consultation to the last follow up appointment.

Cary Z.

Having given me perfect vision with the ReSTOR IOL is a miracle and the best gift ever. You made the transition so easy with your expertise, kindness and really caring about me and your staff is the best.

Jean Escalera

Thank you so much for your kind and courteous attention as I had cataract surgery. It eased my mind and improved my sight.

Mark Franklin


This word describes my vision and experience with my new ReSTOR lenses. I am thrilled and feel so lucky to be living in the year 2009 with thee incredible technical advances in eye surgery. I spent a year interviewing eye surgeons before I met Dr. Paveloff. His expertise, knowledge and confidence gave me the assurance to proceed with the IOL procedure. The results – wonderful vision near and far. Now, nature radiates! I can see and enjoy the intricate and colorful details of my hummingbirds and enjoy the shapes and shadows of mountains in the distance.In all of my favorite activities like officiating at weddings, teaching yoga, hiking and writing a college textbook on my computer, I have no eye strain and NO GLASSES! Daily actions like reading a menu in a dimly lit Italian restaurant or reading the movie times in the newspaper are now easily accomplished. I definitely feel more engaged in life itself.Dr. Paveloff’s entire staff is fabulous and extremely helpful in every area from scheduling to assisting with insurance. I give Dr. Paveloff the highest recommendation and Five Stars.

Barbara Rose Sherman

I love my new eyes, love seeing the world in a new way! I am told by friends and family that cataract surgery is commonplace, but to me there is nothing commonplace about it. Thank you for your mastery, Dr. Paveloff, and for your kindness and that of your cheerful and helpful staff.

Duffie Bart

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